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do you remember… 

what it was like to play?  when imagination had no boundaries?  do you remember when a simple toy could become so many different things?  that’s who wee are.  weefab toys are designed to inspire the kind of active, open-ended play that childhood is all about.

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as parents… 

 we understand the challenges of raising children among the sea of complex product choices. weefab is committed to creating innovative, active and elegantly simple toys that continually raise the bar on quality, safety and aesthetics. let us show you how.


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our mission… 

is a commitment to creating innovative, active and elegantly simple toys that continually raise the bar on quality, safety and aesthetics. we believe that great design should not only enhance your child’s experience and development, but also be functional, sturdy and affordable.[/column]

environmental statement… 

constructed from  renewable sources and non-toxic water based adhesives and paints, weefab takes care to ensure all of it’s products have a low impact on the environment and promote a healthy, safe  environment for your child as well.


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